Nokia N93i : ensures perfect quality photos

The Nokia N93i mobile phone is a video and imaging focused smartphone that provides the user with the ultimate camera and video features. The handset coming out in a choice in of silver grey and burgundy red colors succeeds in giving a sophisticated look to the handset. The mobile phone coming with an internal memory of 50 Mbytes also provides a chance to the user to expand the memory by adding a MicroSD™ memory card. The handset measuring 108 x 58 x 25 mm and weighing 163 grams is easy to hold in hand and carry in pocket.

The Nokia N93i mobile phone comes with a built in camera with a 3 x optical zoom and a 20 x digital zoom. The Carl Zeiss lens of the camera assures the users of clear and precise pictures with excellent quality. With this user friendly camera feature the user is able to capture, store and share photographic experiences on the N93i handset. The user with the help of the handset can share the footage among the friends bringing an element of fun into it.

The Nokia N93i comes with easy messaging facilities including a mobile email service, text messaging, multimedia picture and video messaging that makes the sharing of photos and video footage easy. The handset comes with a perfect built in music player and FM radio feature that assures perfect musical entertainment for the user. The built in music player supports all popular music formats including MP3 that allows the user to listen to the latest songs in the mobile phone.

The smartphone comes with the latest in high speed and high performance technology that includes 3G, WLAN, WCDMA and Bluetooth®. The handsfree call facility helps the user in making or receiving a call without holding the mobile phone in hand.

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Nokia N81: bringing an element of fun

The Nokia N81 model mobile phone comes in a choice of two colours which are graphite grey and cobalt blue. Having 8 Gbytes of internal flash memory, this model handset allows the user to store required data on the new handset. The N81 handset is solid and robust in design which weighs 140 grams and measures 17.9mm x 50mm x102mm. The Nokia N81 handset complete with WLAN technology comes with a simple slide opening casing complete with easy access music, video and function keys. The handset has a screen of 2.4 inches with a high screen resolution that could display up to sixteen million colours for a quality viewing experience.

The Nokia N81 mobile phone has a 2 megapixel digital camera complete with flash option and a 20 x digital zoom that assures the users of the perfect photographic experience. With the support of the flash technology present in the handset it becomes easy for the customer to capture the pictures of colorful moments of his life. The handset with a fully charged battery will provide either upto 4 hours GSM talk time, 3 hours WCDMA talk time, 408 hours standby time, 3.5 hours QVGA video recording time, 4.5 hours QVGA video playback time, 11.5 hours music playback time or up to 6 hours of gaming time. The Nokia N81 mobile phone comes alive with a built - in music player that provides a pleasant music experience on the handset. The high quality music player is capable of supporting all popular music formats assuring excellent musical entertainment. The mobile phone coming with a 5 band equalizer helps the user in gaining the best sound quality for the music played.

The Nokia N81 model handset supports WLAN technology. The Bluetooth® connection makes it possible to enjoy wireless connection between the mobile phone and compatible devices. The handset has a variety of messaging services including text messages and multimedia messages that ensures easy transfer of photos or video bringing an element of fun into it.

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Nokia 6288 White - An all-purpose mobile phone.

Mobile phones have changed our lives for the better. We are now connected with our near and dear ones even when we are on the move - 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Catching up on friends and contacts has become quite easy - what with the latest mobile phones coming with some of the most innovative messaging options. Technological innovation has been such that many of the latest handsets are now being used for capturing images and recording video clips as well. One is free to choose a latest mobile handset and give a full reign to inherent creativity.

Nokia 6288 White is one such mobile handset model that enjoys wide-spread popularity among people from diverse regions of the globe. The handset comes in a black casing. The contemporary look is made more attractive through a high gloss finish. The small profile and the light weight ensure that users find it quite easy to carry the handset from one place to another. The QVGA screen is visible even when the phone is closed. A 226,000 colour screen with a high resolution makes the experience of using this Nokia mobile a highly enjoyable one.

An in-built 2 mega-pixel digital camera is perfect for capturing the magical moments from daily life. The camera options are easy to use. The presence of specialized features such as integrated flash and digital zoom ensures that users are not disappointed with the quality of the captured images. A music player is another key attraction. One can use the Nokia 6288 white to listen to music - particularly in instances when one is feeling down and out.

A hands-free speakerphone, SMS and MMS messaging and email access are some of the other important features. Users can make the most of these options and remain connected with their near and dear ones. Bluetooth, USB and EDGE are the important connectivity options that come with this mobile phone. The capability of the handset to make fast and easy data transfer makes it quite invaluable - especially for professional use.

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Nokia 6301 – Sleek in design Versatile in features

Nokia mobile phones are known for their ultra-sleek designs as well as their innovative capabilities. As a matter of fact, brand Nokia has come to be identified with the latest and the best models of mobile phones that do not disappoint users with their feature list as well. Nokia 6301 is one such mobile phone like sleek in design and versatile in features from the Nokia kitty that is making life a whole lot user for a wide spectrum of mobile phone users the world over.

The design of the Nokia 6301 is as innovative as its high-end features. It comes in a stainless steel frame and sports a hand-hugging design that makes the handset highly user-friendly. A 2-inch QVGA screen enhances the pleasure one gets in using the handset to a significant extent. Its so light in weight of weight 93g. Its amazing color Display TFT with 16M colors does not reflect your eyes attraction.

The choices one gets with the Nokia 6301 are quite extensive. An owner of the 6301 could use the handset for voice dialing, for issuing voice commands as well as for voice recording. One could use the handset to listen to music of one's choice. An integrated MP3 player combined with FM radio options would enable a user to do just that. In addition, an in-built hands-free speaker would make the mobile music experience all the more invigorating.

The multimedia options of the Nokia 6301 are not limited to music alone. The handset comes with a built-in 2 mega-pixel digital camera. The 8x digital zoom and full screen viewfinder makes the camera options all the more valuable to a common user of mobile phones. With a talk time of up to 3.5 hours and a stand-by time of up to 14 days, this phone is as good as it can get. The 30 MB of internal user memory can be expanded through micro-SD card support.

Nokia 7900 Prism would more than live up to heightened expectations

Nokia 7900 Prism is part of the Prism collection from Nokia. The handsets in this category are specially designed for style-conscious mobile users who value sleek looks of the latest mobile phones as much as they prefer the inherent innovative capabilities. Cutting-edge colors, engrossing graphics – the design of the Prism is an amalgamation of all these and more.

The sleek front of the Nokia 7900 Prism blends just right with its anodized aluminum back cover. An organic LED main display with 16 million colors contributes significantly to the positive first impression. 7900 Prism comes with sophisticated imaging options and high-end multimedia capabilities.

A special feature that needs mentioning in this context is the living wallpaper that is a part of this Prism phone. The wallpaper screen changes several times during the day depending on battery and signal strength, which makes the handset one of its kinds.

An owner of the Nokia Prism can further personalize the handset using illumination colors that would radiate from the LED display as well as the keypad. Missed calls and messages are also communicated to the users through light emissions from the top of the handset.

This third generation (3G) mobile phone from Nokia can be used for accessing the Internet as well as for fast and easy content downloads. Worldwide connectivity is guaranteed through the incorporation of GSM technology. A 2 mega-pixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom, 1GB of built-in memory space, and quad-band connectivity are some of the other key features of the Nokia 7900 Prism.

So, if you want a sleek and sophisticated handset from Nokia, the world leader in mobility, you could do well to choose the Prism. With its 'million dollar looks' and a range of user-friendly features, the Nokia 7900 Prism would more than live up to your heightened expectations from Nokia.

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Nokia 6301: Always a Good Choice

The latest Nokia 6301 mobile phone handset comes with a sleek stainless steel design that offers consumers seamless voice and data mobility across GSM cellular and WLAN networks via Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology. The Nokia 6301 mobile phone handset uses UMA technology to integrate the benefits of landline and a mobile phone that may also include seamless indoor coverage, sound quality and affordability.

The convergence of mobile and fixed/land-line technologies have made things more beneficial for the users who are looking for products that can help make the lives easier. Nokia 6301 handset with the utilization of UMA technology, worldwide triband GSM coverage combined with superior indoor WLAN coverage succeeded in making things more sophisticated.

It is possible for the user to use UMA technology, GSM network or a broadband Internet-connected WLAN network for the mobile services that guarantees excellent indoor coverage both at office and in home. The user can also have one multi-mode handset that is capable of working everywhere with enhanced and easy-to-use voice services. And, WLAN/UMA supports in providing excellent coverage and sound quality, even in areas where mobile phone reception has previously been poor.

The Nokia 6301 mobile phone with UMA technology, allows the users in delivering voice and data services over WLAN that will increase the mobile service availability while decreasing the costs related to network deployment. The Nokia 6301 mobile handset is a stylish new addition to the Unik range of converged fixed and mobile phones With its sleek candy bar design and attractive stainless steel exterior the nokia phone succeeds in grabbing the attraction of the mobile users.

Weighing 93 grams and measuring less than 13.1mm thin, the Nokia 6301 model mobile phone is convenient for the user to hold in hand and slip into the pocket. It also offers consumers a modern suite of features that includes a 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and full screen viewfinder that guarantees the user of perfect quality pictures.

Nokia 7500 Prism: It is really a prism

The Nokia 7500 Prism comes with a cutting-edge design with bold geometric patterns and distinctive detail. Users of the Nokia mobile phone can capture life's great moments in still photos and stunning video quality on a 2 mega pixel camera with 8x digital zoom. Moreover, they can capture memorable moments in black and white, sepia, and solarize color modes.

There are other features in Nokia 7500 like Exchangeable accent colors; enjoy your favorite tracks on the music player that allows you to change the skin to match your mood; store more music, high quality videos, and photos with expandable memory of up to 2 GB; are your latest images and videos via email; extend your internet browsing experience with Widest, Yahoo Go, and Opera Mini; share more of your memorable moments using Nokia Sensor, the social network application; send voice messages to friends and family.

Coming to the applications part of the phone, the Nokia Sensor application allows you to connect and communicate with other Nokia Sensor users around you and widen your social circle. It also comes with Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications. Browsing feature comes with Full OMA Client provisioning version 1.1 and OMA Digital DRM 2.0.

Well, in the camera section of the phone it comes with an Integrated 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, Flash modes: on, off, and automatic, Video recording and playback in QCIF, 3GPP, H.263, and MPEG-4 codecs and formats.

And in the messaging part of the Nokia 7500 mobile it comes with array of features that includes - Email: Supports IMAP4 idle, push email with attachments. OMA email notification, OMA DA and Nokia Intellisync solution support; Text messaging: Supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, and SMS distribution list; Audio messaging. You can record your own voice message and send to compatible devices. Advance Multimedia messaging: MMS 1.2 for image message creation, receiving, editing, and sending (300k). I think it is any a phone of advance technology.

Nokia 6111 is a mid- range slider phone

The Nokia 6111 is a mid- range slider phone that comes with just basic functions and carries nothing flamboyant. It features 1 MP camera and a radio in its small package. The handset looks like a small bar of shiny soaps and comes in three colours – black, silver and pink. It is light as well; its weight being only 92g. Further, it fits well in the pocket at only 84 by 47 by 23mm.

In terms of design mechanism, the Nokia makes some innovation. It comes with a different sliding mechanism. It is made up of a solid bottom section and a thinner top section that is spring mounted. When opened, the handset presents you with a glossy black keypad. If you have large thumbs, there simply isn't enough room to comfortably press the top three buttons on the keypad. Otherwise the keypad feels smooth and responsive.

The front of this nokia phone features a 262k-colour, 128x160-pixel display, that measures 29 by 35mm. underneath the screen there is a four-way silver navigation button. It has a soft key in the middle, and two soft keys either side. The Nokia 6111 runs on the third edition of Series 40. The phone book can hold 1,000 contacts and five telephone numbers per name. There are 20 polyphonic tones to choose from and you can also use MP3s as ring tones. But with the limited 23 MB of internal memory, one cannot expect more storage of tunes.

Texting is straightforward and the keypad is easy to use. There is an updated T9 text input system, which provides a better predictive text service and allows you to change language halfway through a text. Another small change is the addition of message log. This records the numbers that text messages have been sent to and how many SMS and MMS have ever been sent.

The camera has a 6x digital zoom, flash, You can also shoot three-minute video clips,night mode and a mirror for taking self portraits. The Nokia 6111 also has a WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser, email access (IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP), a speakerphone, text and multimedia messaging, a voice recorder, a calculator, nine speed-dial numbers, voice dialling and an organiser with calendar, a to-do list, notes, calculator, countdown timer and stopwatch.

Nokia 6120 classic: Classic in itself

As the name suggests the Nokia 6120 Classic is a indeed a sophisticated and classic mobile set. 3G mobile phone the Nokia 6120 classic is slim, compact, and easy to hold and manage hand set, thanks to the light weight of the phone. It has a dimension of the105 x 46 x 15 mm, large screen which displays up to sixteen million colours on a two Inch screen, and the battery that provides up to 3.1 hours of GSM talk time, 2.4 hours of WCDMA talk time and up to 216 hours GSM or WCDMA standby time.

For those users who are music freak and are ever ready to shoot, the Nokia 6120 classic is really a classic and masterpiece. It has full set of entertainment and multimedia features that users can enjoy and relax. The mobile phone is endowed with a music player, megapixel camera and high quality video capabilities.

The embedded music player where it allows the user to enjoy music on the move in either MP3, M4A, eAAC+ or WMA music format, the 2 megapixel camera with a camera flash, 4 x digital zoom, landscape & panorama imaging features in the phone provides the users to go click spree capturing the flying moments. The user can store many videos, photos and music files with up to 2 Gbytes of expandable memory.

And of its high speed 3G or HSDPA connectivity, where the user can surf the web quickly and efficiently without any hassle, it also allows multitasking and 3G video calling possible. Moreover, the Nokia 6120 Classic comes with a supportive Bluetooth technology version 2.0 that enables user to connect it to other Bluetooth compatible devices and build up wireless connection between devices. There is USB connection support in the phone which users can use to transfer files and data to other compatible devices.

Nokia 6151: Simple yet powerful...

The primary function of a mobile phone is to communicate with people and its the most convenient and trustworthy means of communication in this modern and busy lifestyle. Nokia has also introduced a classic handset in its most coveted Nokia series phones, the Nokia 6151. The device with its multi talented features allows users to stay in touch, anytime-anywhere. The Nokia 6151 also lets you enjoy easy-to-use calling, surfing and easy sharing options.

The nokia phone is very attractive yet simple. The front view of the phone has a large 262,144 colors, 128 x 160 pixels display. Below the screen is a keypad combined with a navigation button and short-cut keys. Browsing phone features is easy and using short-cut keys, you can easily browse frequently used applications with ease.

The device comes equipped with both entertainment and productivity tools. Entertainment features include a built-in 1.3 MP camera with up to 4x digital zoom, a media player, an FM radio, etc. Capture some special moments with the camera, play your favourite music or tune in to your FM radio station for all time hit songs – the Nokia 6151 brings all entertainment features at your fingertips.

The Nokia 6151 comes with impeccable 3G WCDMA broadband – allowing users to enjoy great network coverage, always. Additional features of the phone include Push-to-talk, advanced messaging such as SMS, MMS, Nokia Xpress Audio and instant messaging. Now, you can send and receive texts, images, music and videos in no time using these advanced messaging services.
This powerful device is very lightweight at 98g and has a compact dimension – enabling users to either hold the phone or can slip it into the pocket with ease. So, if you believe in simplicity, then the Nokia 6151 is the right choice. It has everything to make you feel proud.

Nokia 6131 is a good flip phone that comes wrapped in a stylish package.

Nokia 6131 is a good flip phone that comes wrapped in a stylish package. The handset comes under the genre of mid range mobile phones and has scaled the industry verticals by virtue of its imaging capability and Bluetooth and infrared connectivity.

Probably the best part of Nokia 6131's flip is that it includes an automatic button on the left hand side of the button. This makes handling the device very easy, especially when it comes to one-handed messaging, dialing and answering calls. On flip opening, the Nokia 6131 reveals a gorgeous 16.7 million colour screen. This makes graphics, texts and pictures appear quite bright, clear and vivid. The 2.2 inch screen also makes good horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

The external display basically imitates what it is in the internal display. And its best feature is that the external display allows you to apply animated screensavers and wallpapers and adjust a number of settings including power saver and fold animations. The device comes with a decent 1.3 MP camera. It includes settings like grayscale, sepia, negative and Solaris effects, a 10 second self-timer and night mode. Furthermore, the camera application starts as soon as the button is pressed and there is no lag or waiting time.

Other highlights of Nokia 6131 includes 11 MB of internal memory, standard SMS, MMS and email messaging with T9 support, WAP, Push to Talk feature, an FM radio and a media player with support for MP3, MP4 and AAC files. The Nokia 6131 comes with standard array of PIM functions (alarm, calendar, to-do list, notes, calculator, countdown timer and stopwatch), voice dialing and a loud and clear hands free speakerphone.

Good phones to explore for those who neither want to burn their purses, nor sulk in fade mobile experience, with some low budget mobiles.

Nokia 6151: A mobile phone for mass, of mass

The world is divided into have and have-nots. And with the passage of time this gap has been widening, and it is widening exponentially. Once mobile which had been considered to be a thing of the high and mighty, thanks to cut-throat competition amongst the manufacturers and network providers, and government policies it is now available and is segmented for each and every sections of the society. But there still lies the big ugly fissure between the have and have nots.

In this attempt to bring down the digital gap, Finnish mobile giant Nokia launched first of its kind in its array of products – launching the 3G enabled 6151 model in the most affordable price. The Nokia 6151 model is a sleek and stylish mobile phone. Commenting on its role in the world of telephony, Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Phones, Nokia said, “With more than 100 operators offering 3G services in the world today, consumers around the globe are now realizing the many benefits that 3G offers, ranging from faster browsing, streaming and email to music downloads and multiplayer games”.

With the 3G enabled Nokia 6151, users would benefit streaming multimedia audio and video content, or downloading of their favourite music or video - at traditional GSM prices. Moreover, it comes with a comprehensive range of features, from the modern day essentials 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity and music player to micro SD memory card support.

Weighing 98 grams and measuring 108 x 47 x 19 mm in dimension, the Nokia 6151 has a talk time of up to 4.5 hours on GSM networks (up to 3.5 hours of talk time via WCDMA) and a standby time of up to 10 days. This new 3G enabled handset is available to the users in black, pearl white, orange, light blue and lime green colour variants. The Nokia 6151 operates in WCDMA 2100 and GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900 networks, which enables users to call and receive from most part of the world; in addition, users can enjoy fast and efficient data transfer.

Nokia 6085 scores impressively

Nokia 6085 scores impressively

Further expanding its portfolio of flip phones, Nokia launches its new Nokia 6085. The handset features easy to use features and enduring design, to offer a straight forward familiar phone. The Nokia 6085 is a quad band GSM phone, with good in-call quality. The conversation is crisp and clear, and even in noisy areas its volume remains loud enough. To further optimise the call experience, the device comes with voice dialling, a voice recorder, speed dialling and a 1000-entry phonebook.
Despite coming under mid range handset, the Nokia 6085 offers some serious multimedia fun. The most noted among this is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Which implies the handset can stream stereo audio to a compatible set of Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

For musical extravaganza, the handset comes with a powerful music player, offering five preset equalisers, as well as two five-band manual equalisers. Plus, there are also options for basic repeat and random play. The musical experience is further accentuated with a fresh interface – having animated background. The music player supports MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA file formats, while it also has a video player that will support 3GPP, H.263 and MPEG-4 files.

The Nokia 6085 runs the Symbian Series 40 user interface. Thus it comes with excellent speed for browsing and easy to grasp list format. There is also an active standby screen that provides easy access to key information and applications.

In terms of connectivity, the Nokia 6085 scores impressively. It comes with the advantage of Bluetooth and USB. Other useful features of this device are integrated VGA camera with 4x digital zoom that doubles as a video recorder, push-to-talk, JAVA, email access, messaging services and a host of PIM (Personal Information Management) features like calendar, to-do list, converter, world clock, an expense manager etc.

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Yet another tribute to the awe-inspiring Nature, the Nokia 8600 (alias Luna), is designed to unfold a mysterious saga of the Moon Goddess- Luna. Like the so-called captivating prowess of the Goddess of moonlight, the Nokia 8600 too comes wrapped with unique make and design, to be encircled in a soft radiant beauty. At the same time, the device comes in an expensive package, to ensure that its reserved exclusively for the elite class. Well of course, celestial beauty does not come easy!

The Nokia 8600 deviates from the usual and further builds upon the tradition of experimenting with unique materials. The handset is a melange of stainless steel, titanium and glass. The keypad is hid beneath a smoked glass surface, and only when the phone is activated, the keys become visible. This also becomes the most interesting facet of Nokia 8600. For this area is called the 'heartbeat' of the gadget.

When the device awaits a call, there is always something exciting happening there at the spot. Thus, the 'heartbeat' transforms the inanimate Nokia 8600 into a virtually alive form. Besides, it also adds to the mysterious allure of the handset. The colour scheme matched well the that of the night sky and makes the flashing of beautiful Menu icons, as interesting as possible.

But Nokia 8600 is not only about celestial charm. The handset is essentially a mobile phone, and thus is endowed with the right balance of aesthetics and ergonomics. For the first time, Nokia use a single micro-USB port. This not only allows for a streamlined design free of extraneous indentations, but also allows for a streamlined design free of extraneous indentation. Quad band GSM support allows for seamless connectivity, while photos captured in its 2 MP camera becomes an eye candy, when viewed through its bright, large display.

With such charm and impressive features, the Nokia 8600 is all geared up to rock the world of fashion mobile phones.

Let's review of Nokia 8600 from Nokia mobile phones.

Nokia 6630: 3G technology takes mobile communications to the new height

Nokia 6630 with its high-end 3G technology takes mobile communications to the new height. With swift data connectivity and high speed mobile Internet – the device keeps you in touch with the world, always. Built on Symbian series 60 platform, this Smartphone allows you to download new software applications – add more power to your device.

This powerful mobile device is most suitable for those who want quality work in no time. For those mobile users, the Nokia 6630 is a perfect choice. Working professionals and corporate users can take benefits of this mobile device by using features like emails, mobile Internet and organizers. Video conferencing is one of the most important features that can be used for your business. Thanks to the technology that has given a new meaning to the mobile world.

With the Nokia 6630, you can also manage your personal information using automatic alert for emails and MMS. Share pictures, music and videos with friends and family and always keep in touch with the people and the world.

Moreover, the Nokia 6630 also offers multitude of entertainment features – browse nokia phone features and enjoy on the move. With an integrated MP3 player, you can play your favourite sound tracks. Download online music tracks using mobile Internet or transfer songs from a PC via USB cable. The Nokia 6630 provides superb sound quality – play music and groove on the go. What's more, the handset boasts a 1.23 mega-pixel digital camera with up to 6x digital zoom – take picture and share those memorable moments with friends via MMS and email.
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Nokia 6030: diligently designed for busy professionals

Although, Nokia's new highly efficient mobile handsets have become hugely popular, but its entry level phones never lost their popularity. Actually, there are some mid-range phones, which never lost their demand because of their dedicated and easy to use functionalities. The Nokia 6030 is one such gadget, which has been diligently designed for busy professionals, who do take a good care of their work. Hence, this phone comes with a big keypad, which allows you to manoeuvre easily through all the desired functions. On the other hand, it comes with a sturdy surface, which allows you to hold this phone in your hand for a very long time. Currently, the Nokia 6030 is available in three enticing colours. So, you can choose your desired one to make a big difference in your mobile life.

The Nokia 6030 supports the reliable dual-band GSM networks, hence it provides you an unparalleled connectivity. On the other hand, its network automatically switches to other network, when you travel through different places. The Nokia 6030 comes in a candy bar design. Moreover, its display can support more than 65,536 colours to let you enjoy a very good viewing experience. To make it an easy to use device, the phone comes with a four-way scroll key, which provides a swift access to all the desired features.

The Nokia 6030 is a powerful messaging device. Hence, you can easily send, receive, edit or format all the text messages by sending SMS or MMS as per your preferences. By sending multimedia messages, you can also send images and music. Its predictive-text feature allows you to type messages, as easily as possible. On the other hand, you can also use its highly popular feature Plug and Play to enjoy all sorts of music and videos. Besides, this feature also allows you to expand its applications to hoard all your desired stuff. Furthermore, this phone also comes with a Java MIDP 2.0 platform, which enables you download various sorts of Java games and applications. Surely, it would be a great assistance to have a Nokia 6030 – truly, a competent performer. Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia 7373 Clearance: Go gorgeous..

Whether it’s about music phone, multimedia phones or business phones – Nokia has always been on the forefront to offer the best to mobile phone users. Now, when the designer phones have become the buzz words of the latest mobile market, Nokia has once again geared up to live up to the ever-increasing expectations of the mobile phone users. Hence, Nokia has come up with its L'Amour collection, which has been specifically designed for the fashion conscious users. This dynamic L'Amour collection has been diligently designed by blending the best of ethnic culture and traditional handicrafts – too good to leave you awestruck! The Nokia 7373 also belongs to this category of highly stylish handsets, which have really set the stage on fire with such finest creations.

By offering the L'Amour collection, Nokia has once again proved its foresightedness in the highly competitive world of mobile phones. Well, this series is not about enticing designing only, as it really serves your other purposes by offering the best in functionalities and mobile technology. As the Nokia 7373 is inspired from the nature, it surely comes with mesmerizing exterior and profile. Furthermore, the blend of ethnic culture has made it an impeccable piece of mobile art.

Currently, the Nokia 7373 comes in three attractive colours with bronze black, powder pink and black chrome. Moreover, it is a swivel designed phone, which sets it apart from ordinary clamshell phones. There is a dedicated key on the front cover of the phone, which provides you swift access to all the major functions.

The Nokia 7373 does take a very good care of your entertainment quotient. Hence, it is endowed with a 2.0 mega pixels camera, which is further supported by 8x digital zoom to let you enjoy the best of photography. You can also listen to all your favourite music on its inbuilt music player or by tuning into its FM radio. Furthermore, it also comes with an extra memory slot, which allows you to increase its memory up to 2GB. To get the best deal of this phone, you can go for the Nokia 7373 clearance phone, which does come with a reasonable price. To find your desired Nokia 7373 clearance deal, you can do a comprehensive online research.

Nokia 7373, Nokia 7373 Clearance

Nokia 3250 – A solid phone and impressive handset

If you thought mobile phones are all about slim and skinny appearances, you will be proved wrong once you see the Nokia 3250. The device is an impressive handset that comes in a slightly bulky feel and a unique twist up to 270 degrees. As the device twists, the mobile changes functions from one application to another. The Nokia 3250 is available in four different colours; black, green, pink, and silver.

The twist design of the cell is made possible by having the phone split into two parts; the display half and the keypad half. With the twist the phone can change into phone mode (with the dial pad in front), camera mode (the keypad portion in a 90-degree angle), and music mode (with external music controls in front).

The screen of Nokia 3250 is really neat and impressive. It allows you to change the brightness and backlight timer of the display. Below the buttons is the menu button, two soft keys, a Clear key, a five-way navigation joystick, the Talk and End keys, and an Edit key. On top of the phone is the power button, while its charging/connector port is located on its right spine. The phone comes with a micro sd card.

Nokia 3250 is a gift for social butterflies. Each contact in the Nokia 3250's address book holds up to 17 numbers, three e-mail addresses, three URLs, three street addresses, a birth date, and a note and can be assigned to a group, or one of 41 polyphonic ring tones. Other features that make the gadget useful are messaging services, a wireless Web browser, file manager, Bluetooth, speaker phone, 2 Mp camera, music player and many lifestyle features. The Nokia 3250 also has something called LifeBlog feature that lets you upload pictures on your phone directly to the Web.

Nokia 3250 runs on Symbian 6.0 OS. Buy Nokia 3250 SIM Free Online at Mobile Jazz.

Nokia 7373: Stylish and intelligent

When it comes to mobile phones, Nokia has always given its best to the mobile world. Whether its basic phones, business phones or designer phones – Nokia always lives up to everyone's expectations. As a fashion statement, Nokia's L'Amour collection is well known to everyone. The L'Amour collection from Nokia offer devices that are inspired by the ethic culture and traditional handicrafts. These devices were appreciated in the global market and are still rocking among people who admire beauty and perfection.

The launch of the L'Amour collection has again proved that Nokia is the world leader. Whether its technology or the phones design, Nokia is always the best choice. Inspired by the beauty of nature and a strong touch of the traditional handicrafts, these devices have truly mesmerized the mobile world. In the L'Amour portfolio, Nokia has introduced a new device, the Nokia 7373 – an upgraded version of the most popular Nokia 7370. Its design has also been inspired by the ethnic culture.

The Nokia 7373 is available in three different attractive colours, which include bronze black, powder pink and black chrome. It’s a swivel designed phone and is slightly different from the clamshell. On the front cover, there is no button and it’s the main disadvantage of this phone as you cannot browse any features without opening the flap. Swivels open the phone and browse unlimited phone features that are hidden inside.

The Nokia 7373 comes with a wide range of phone features such as a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom; an integrated music player with FM radio and more. Take quality picture, play your favourite sound tracks or tune in to your favourite FM radio station – the device offers ultimate entertainment features and keeps you busy all the time.

As compared to its predecessors, the Nokia 7373 is more advanced in terms of memory space – the device comes with an expandable memory card of up to 2GB – allowing more space for music tracks, videos and other documents. Transfer files with other compatible devices via Bluetooth, USB and high speed mobile internet. Style up your mobile lifestyle with the Nokia 7373.

Nokia 7373 or Nokia 7373 SIM Free.

Nokia 6110 Navigator: Roam without constraints

The Nokia 6110 Navigator is the new sensational gadget from Nokia Phones. This navigation-enabled mobile handset is specifically designed to make various things easier for you. This handset works on dual technology with GPS (Global Positioning System) and AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). Moreover, it comes with local maps, which are pre-installed on its memory card. Thus, it works as a consummate navigator, which can guide you through a busy city.

There are various other important things, which come with the Nokia 6110 with additional maps and content to provide weather and traffic information. You can also buy traffic guides on the Internet to add more into its information directory. Besides, you also get the desired information about various interests things like hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Besides being a dynamic Navigator, the Nokia 6110 also offers a lot in multimedia features. On the other hand, it is also a 3G phone, hence it enables you to enjoy video calling – where you can see the face of the person to whom you are talking to. You can also enjoy photography with its 2 mega pixels camera, which is further assisted by an inbuilt flash, a dedicated capture key and panorama mode. You can enjoy video clips with full screen view to watch all the desired content. All the crisp images can be seen on its 2.2 inch QVGA screen, which can support more then 16 million colours.

The Nokia 6110 Navigator supports the HSDPA technology, which enhances the Internet browsing as well as downloading speed. As such it is loaded with a 40 MB of inbuilt memory, but you can easily increase it up to 2GB with a microSD memory card. Like various other popular phones, the Nokia 6110 also works on tri-band network, which ensures unparalleled connectivity across the five continents. So, roam around freely with a perfect navigator or the Nokia 6110.

Nokia do possess the largest chain of mobile phone and communication.

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Catering to the varied needs of various people, mobile phones have come a long way. The journey has been amazing-once mobile phones were used only for the sake of communication but today, mobile phones are meant for more than that. All the latest high end mobile phones are heavily endowed with some mind boggling features. Right from imaging to connectivity, from integrated music layer to FM radio, from Internet access to lifelike gaming experience, from memory expansion to high resolution display-everything is offered with the latest mobile phones. Makers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG etc. are consistently offering the best happening in the world of mobile telephony.

Today's youngsters are very much fashion conscious. Right from their clothing habits to lifestyles-fashion is prevalent everywhere. Just take the example of the mobile phones. With 'style' becoming the word of the day, no one wants to use a phone that looks out of fashion. Youngsters prefer phones that are capable of doing multi functions simultaneously. Hence, we have got phones like Nokia N-Series, Sony Ericsson W-Series, Samsung U-Series, Motorola RAZR range and much more. These companies understand what the youngsters need and incorporate those features in their handsets that can easily grab the attention of the fashion conscious youngsters.

According to a recent survey, slider and clamshell mobile phones are becoming extremely popular these days among the youngsters. While girls are preferring funky colours for their phones like Pink, Red, Orange, Blue; boys are reportedly going for either white or black. But in terms of features, the demand of both the sexes is almost similar. They need high resolution cameras, high resolution display screens, integrated music players, stereo FM radio, Internet connectivity, advanced 3G feature, Bluetooth wireless technology, embedded as well as downloadable Java games, expandable memory options and so on.

Buying a mobile phone was earlier considered a cumbersome task. A high price tag, few handset models and limited designs were some of the reasons why people were not attracted to mobile phones. Only people who traveled a lot preferred mobile phones. Few people could afford buying the latest mobile phone, others could only dream of having an advanced handset with the latest technologies and features. But in the present scenario, things have changed; prices are steadily dropping and becoming affordable for the general people. Also there are multitude of options like amazing designs, small sizes, variety of cheap deals, and lots more.

Nokia, for some sounds similar to reliability. And why not? Like the vast range of phones for every pocket and lifestyle, Nokia do possess the largest chain of after sales service outlets all across the globe that makes this Finnish electronic giant a safe and secure place to invest money. However, for the best of its user, the sturdy yet feature laced phones from Nokia comes in every shape and size to enamour their onlookers and more importantly meeting the demands of every pockets. Now let it be the N-series multimedia gadgets, or any of the phones in the mid-entry category, phones from the house of Nokia maintains a perfect balance of style and substance. No wonder why each Nokia phones stand best in their respective price category.

Nokia 7373 is a swivel open design handset.

L'Amour Collection has been the front runner in the fashion segment for the global leader. While others in the category are getting more and slimmer and shinier, handsets like Nokia 7373 from the L'Amour collection are inclined towards age old charm of designing aesthetics. Renunciation of eclecticism has been the theme of the whole L'Amour collection.

The Nokia 7373 is a swivel open design handset. Keeping the tradition of L'Amour handset to be masterpieces of designing sensibilities, the Nokia 7373 is equally enriched with aesthetic appeal and sensual feel like the other members of the family. The handset's impeccably designed exterior can boast of a finely tooled surface, embossed finish and exquisite detailing. The motifs on the body of Nokia 7373 are drawn with inspiration from tribal and ethnic art patterns of swirl and waves. The beautiful handset is available in Bronze Black and a Powder Pink variant exclusively for women.

When the handset is closed, it is dominated by a high resolution TFT screen capable of producing up to 262K colours. Instead of disturbing the design with extra keys, the Nokia 7373 features a single keypad so that any other keys do not distract the bare pure beauty of Nokia 7373. However, the fashion of this stunner hasn’t got into the way of its functionality.

The Nokia 7373 imbibes some serious features to make personal and professional life easier. The handset is based on the 3rd edition of the S40 interface. That way the user interface is highly intuitive as well as responsive. Be it triband GSM mobile network support or mobile internet via EDGE and GPRS – the Nokia 7373 has an answer to all your communication needs. Local connectivity via USB and Bluetooth could be used to share files and information, pair and synchronize devices at a tremendous rate. The handset even has an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera for instant imaging and a media player for mobile music.

Nokia 7373 and Nokia N73.

Nokia 6020: jazz up your conversation

Nokia have always enjoyed the loyalty of mid section mobile phone market. Mid range Nokia mobile phones more often than not deliver all that is expected from it. This section of the market is critical for Nokia's position as a global leader among mobile phone manufacturers. Other companies like Sony Ericsson and LG are giving Nokia a tough time because of their expertise in certain fields like digital camera and video screen. It is mobile phones like the Nokia 6020 that are strongly holding the Nokia's top slot.

The Nokia 6020 is a simple candy-bar form mobile phone with a 65k coloured TFT screen. This camera phone weighs just 90 grams and so is very convenient to carry in any pocket. Below the rich screen, is a 5 way navigation keys and a well spaced out keypad for error free typing irrespective of your finger size. The Nokia 6020 is available in multi-hued and sophisticated graphite coloured casing. You can make the handset an extension of your personality by downloading customized themes, wallpapers, ringtones and animated screensavers.

The Nokia 6020 features a built in digital camera. The VGA resolution camera can capture stills at 640x480 pixel resolution and can even record videos. The camera is ideal for instant sharing of funny and unusual scenes with friends via picture messages. With the Nokia 6020, you can even send them in emails too. The handset is powered by Class 10 GPRS, HSCSD and Class 6 EDGE for data connectivity, and a WAP 2.0/xHTML browser to seamlessly browse the Internet.

Triband GSM mobile network of the Nokia 6020 keeps you connected with your kins across the world. The handset comes with all major European languages preset to ease things up for all of its users. Add on features like Push to Talk, office application and a good collection of Java games makes the Nokia 6020 one of the hottest mobile phone this season.

Nokia 5200 is all set to entice you with music features

The recent breakthrough in the mobile technology has brought a new revolution in the communication world. The dramatic change in the mobile industry has also brought design and feature rich devices before the consumers all over the globe. With time, consumer’s needs and preferences are also changing and almost all leading mobile companies are trying hard to compete with their counterparts.

In the same fray, Nokia as one of the leading mobile manufacturers has launched an array of mobile devices that are equipped with multitude of innovative features. Nokia devices are well known for their design and intuitive features. That's the reason why Nokia has constantly made its presence in the global market. Whether its music, camera, business or basic phones – Nokia has given its best and has got huge popularity in the mobile phone market.

In the slider phone category, Nokia has revealed a unique stylish phone for stylish people, the Nokia 5200. Available in two attractive colour combination, which include bright blue with white and red with white. Both colour combinations are very tempting and complement with phone features. Boasting a dazzling 262k colour CSTN display – watching videos and images are a real pleasure.

The Nokia 5200 is all set to entice you with music features. The device is loaded with a music player and FM radio and visual radio. The music player supports several music file formats such as MP3 and AAC – enabling users to download songs with ease. And with dedicated key, get access to FM stereo radio and music player when MicroSD card is inserted. Users can also listen to and watch their favourite FM radio station with the integrated FM radio and FM visual radio.

Now with Bluetooth, USB and infra red, transfer data with or without using a wire. Feel the freedom with the Bluetooth wireless technology and share data in no time. Additionally, the Nokia 5200 is packed with a VGA camera, advanced messaging features, mobile internet and more. Stay in touch with the people and keep you entertained with great music wherever you go. O2 Mobile Phones

Nokia E61 is a premium business solution for Nokia

The Nokia E61 is a premium business solution for Nokia. Nokia business phones are long known for simple yet elegant design, user friendliness and a good bundle of features. The Nokia E61 is a bit on the flashy side with a sleek silver casing and a full QWERTY keypad that shows off the power underneath. However it retains the user friendliness and a long feature list that is typical of an E series smartphone.

The Nokia E61 is fitted with a 2.8 inch active matrix screen that can produce an astounding 16 million colours. The high resolution screen produces sharp images so that documents and applications are clearly seen. The handset's numeric keys are easily identifiable in the qwerty keypad for their different shade – simple yet thoughtful designing to keep the Nokia E61 easy to handle. The handset fits to the palm perfectly and feels quiet robust at 144 grams.

The Nokia E61 Nokia E Series Phone is a perfect companion for professionals on the move. The handset supports all four GSM mobile phone networks across all corner of the globe. The mobile phone supports high data transfer speed of up to 384 kbps across UMTS (3G) network. The Nokia E61 also has the option to fall back to 'slower' data connection via class 10 EDGE (up to 236.8 kbps) and GPRS. The Nokia E61 mobile phone supports WiFi and could be used to make VoIP calls. Making long overseas call is now a matter of little small change.

This Series 60 UI platform based, Symbian OS v9.1 operated smartphone is optimised of email on the move. One can choose from two email solutions and even opt for push email solutions that notify you the instant you have a new email. The handset supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and is compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader as well. Nokia E61

Nokia 1110i – Simple, basic, yet effective!

The Nokia 1110i looks quite similar to versions of 1110 and 1112, but has some slight differences. The Nokia 1110i comes with a green backlight on the 96x68 pixel display as opposed to the 1110's amber backlight and the white backlight on the 1112.

Simplicity is embedded in each facet of the Nokia 1110i. So, we do not have anything extraordinary attached to its design. The phone comes with a black and white user friendly user interface that looks good with large icons (representing menu) and a large display. This sure offers a lot of convenience to a novice or a person who wants to easy navigation to the desired menu. The phone also comes with a 4 way navigation scroll key.

Nokia 1110i is simple in terms of features too. There is no Bluetooth, multimedia enhanced features , GPRS or email client, but offers everything so long you have 'talking' on your mind. Nokia 1110i Icon-based phonebook with simplified menu navigation, Graphical demo mode for phone features both with and without SIM card and Call management (timers, counters). It has facility for easy deletion of multiple messages and Picture messaging to send a picture greeting.

To give personalized feeling to the handset, Nokia 1110i comes with Exchangeable Xpress-on™ color covers, while for music mania's it offers 20-chord/voice polyphonic ringing tones with MP3-grade sound. Another noteworthy feature of Nokia 1110i is its Prepaid Tracker. Through this, one can keep a track of their phone usage.

Nokia 1110i is a dual band GSM phone. This runs on 850/1900 or 900/1800 configurations. Which means, your connectivity access gets expanded and you enjoy a true mobile experience? The Nokia 1110i has a talk time of up to over 5 hours and a standby time of up to 15 days.

With the launch of Nokia 1110i, the manufacturer emphasizes ease-of-use, reliability and affordability. It might not be feature packed with the latest technology, but does give you a lot in the simplest way.

vodafone mobile phones

Nokia 1110i – Simple, basic, yet effective!

It's woman's ultimate accessory, it's her true companion, it's a phone, it's Nokia 7360 Pink. The Nokia 7360 is a comely member of Nokia's L'Amour range of phones. The phone is extremely sensuous. The senses it appeals the most are sight and touch. The handset exudes textures of metal, leather, and cloth.

A pink frame circumscribes the screen of the candy bar. It consists of swirls and curves of a darker shade of pink. A deep pink navigation button is positioned beneath the screen. It lies in what can be called the middle segment of the handset. Two keys are placed on either side of the navigation button. The lower segment of the phone is adorned by a keypad. The keys are all of the softest pink hue. A cloth label flags the signature logo of L'Amour phones. In this the design imitates designer accessories-- a concept the manufacturers appended to the range.

The Nokia 7360 phone is meant to be flaunted at brunches and other such parties. The phone supports messaging modes such as SMS, MMS, Email with attachments, Instant Messaging, Flash Messaging, and Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging. You can warn a friend about a guest by sending an instant message. You can even share pictures of celebrities attending the party using the multimedia messaging service.

The Nokia 7360 phone provides internet access. Pop Port Connector or Infra Red can be used to transfer songs, pictures et al from the handset to a PC and/or vice versa. GPRS and EDGE support the operations.

An embedded FM Stereo Radio connects you radio stations as you move. This is effected by tri-band frequencies, which provide seamless connectivity. The Nokia 7360 Pink phone supports MP3, Polyphonic MIDI, and True Tone ringtones. Java games and MIDP 2.0 applications are provided to accord entertainment.

The eye candy, Nokia 7360, simply surprises by the stupendous range of features it hosts.

T-Mobile Phones.

Nokia 7360 Black : Rise above the rat race.

For fashion enthusiast, the L'Amour collection from Nokia comes in as a breath of fresh air in the current scenario. In the process of scoring more brownies manufacturers have resorted to putting inside as many functions as possible without giving any major thought about the look and feel of the mobile phone. Majority of the handsets today are either plain Jane or something loud and sometimes even outrageous. But handsets from the L’Amour collection from Nokia have brought back the elements of traditional and classy design to mobile phone domain.

The Nokia 7360 is a member of the reputed L'Amour collection. The mobile phone is easily identifiable by the L'Amour trademark motifs on the phone's exteriors. The tribal and ethnic design inspired motifs speaks volume about its class. One look of the Nokia 7360 and anyone will appreciate the tasteful designing of the handset. The mono block mobile phone is meticulously crafted from leather inspired materials, etched metal, cloth and transparent surfaces.

The Nokia 7360 Black is highly popular with fashion conscious mobile phone users across all section. Other variants of the Nokia 7360 are Coffee brown, warm amber, and a more feminine Powder Pink. The Nokia 7360 is fitted with a colour rich TFT display that compliments the overall look of the Nokia 7360. It also works as a full screen viewfinder for the integrated camera. The built in camera is of VGA resolution with video recording capabilities. This is not much in this age of multi mega pixel camera phones, but it does its job well and proves to be highly effective.

The tri-band handset can also be used to surf the internet through its built in WAP 2.0/xHTML browser. Data connectivity is either through GPRS or EDGE technology. Local sharing of files could be done through Infrared or USB. The Nokia 7360 Black also features a FM radio for entertainment on the go. Orange Mobile Phones

Nokia 7360 Brown – Earthy attraction...

Designed tastefully, the Nokia 7360 Brown comes under the Nokia's genre "Chav's phone". It is a low end fashion phone. Which means the mobile is beautifully done, but is very weak in terms of functionalities. So, the Nokia 7360 Brown is a phone for fashion lovers, who just want some basic features in the mobile, and do not want to get confused handling a lot of hi-end functionalities.

The candy bar phone, Nokia 7360 Brown exudes a subtle temptation and a sensuous appeal at the very first look. The colour is aesthetically appealing making Nokia 7360 Brown a mobile suited for both the woman users as well as the menfolk. The phone has a pretty big display screen that has 128x160 pixel display. Thus, the colours come out fine and viewing becomes an eye candy. Talking about pictures, the Nokia 7360 Brown is enabled with VGA resolution camera. The themes of wallpapers and screen savers also have a ethnicity attached to it. This makes the phone rare as the motifs become more interesting. the contours are round and smooth, while the material used for wrapping the handset is also of impeccable finish. Nokia 7360 Brown comes in an attractive velvet bag to carry it in. Moreover, since the brown is so sober, you can carry it well, both for a formal as well as an informal occasion.

Nokia 7360 Brown is very basic in terms of specific functionalities. Apart from the conventional voice calling features, the Nokia 7360 Brown has push-to-talk and voice activated user interface. With Push to Talk, the phone acts just like a walkie-talkie where a single button enables communication between two compatible devices. There is a web browser and email client for instant access to the net. There is no Mp3 player but there is support for Mp3 ringtones. Plus, there is also an FM radio.

The Nokia 7360 Brown is 92 grams in weight and 105x45x18mm in measure. Talktime is a shortish 4 hours with up to 14 days standby. Three Mobile Phones

Nokia 2310: A prudent performer.

The current Nokia mobile handsets boast of cutting-edge technology with an exhaustive range of compatible features. Well, the new ones are dynamic in features with so much to offer. But, Nokia's initial range or entry level handsets never lost their popularity because of their dedicated and easy to use features. The Nokia 2310 is also one of those entry level handsets, which have been performing consistently since their release.

The Nokia 2310 is quite simple in its overall profile, but on the other hand, it is quite effective in whatever it offers. Its designing has been made more simpler to make it an easy to use device for every user. It also takes very good care of your music preferences with its FM radio, which lets you enjoy all your favourite music – whenever you want. Taking a very good care of your viewing experience, the Nokia 2310 offers a very good display with polyphonic ringtones. You can explore more of your creative side with its customised screensavers and animated wallpapers.

Overall, the Nokia 2310 is a very good blend of sophistication and entertainment to give you a very good mobile experience. Moreover, its humble profile easily fits into your ultra lifestyle. Its FM radio is also supported by a dedicated access key. As far as sound quality is concerned, it is good and you can also increase or decrease its volume as per your listening preferences. For more fun, you can make the maximum use of its MP3 ringtones, sound visualisation effects and polyphonic ringtones. To keep you ahead of your time, the Nokia 2310 also comes with a time and date screensaver, which acts as a reminder. Well, its colourful animated icon menu is simply enticing and user-friendly.

To add more fun to your mobile life, the Nokia 2310 also comes with three embedded games comprising of nature park game, bounce and snake zenia game – challenge yourself whenever you want. You can also express yourself differently by sending text messages or picture messages. As far as battery life is concerned, it comes with substantial battery life, which allows you to enjoy a talk time of up to six hours. Stay connected in the easiest possible way with the Nokia 2310.

Nokia 6080: Austerity Attracts

The Nokia 6080 phone is characterized by unparalleled ergonomics. The handset is a candybar. It disavows complex mechanisms, yet continues to spell its charm. Handsets are available in two colours – sleek black and classy gold. Each shade is distinguished and graceful. Breeding serviceable features the phone stands impressive.

The mien of the Nokia 6080 phone is accentuated by a TFT display and a set of keys etched in a keypad. A large scroll button is placed at the top of the keypad to ease menu navigation. The handset is convenient to handle as it weighs a mere 91 grams and measures 18.6 mm in thickness. The phone hosts display flash. In this the screen flashes missed call alerts and reminders set by the users at relevant moments.

The Nokia 6080 phone facilitates messaging besides standard telecommunication. It supports Text Messaging, Multimedia Messaging, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, Instant Messaging, and Email. Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging is a sui generis feature. It can be used to send voice messages over MMS. The process is expeditious and the feature par excellence.

An integrated VGA camera enables imaging. It is capable of capturing still pictures and video clips. The latter can be run on a Video Player. More images and video clips can be imported by availing any of the connectivity options. The Nokia 6080 phone supports Infra Red, USB, Pop Port, and SyncML Data Synchronization. The last feature establishes compatibility between the phone and other devices to permit data traffic between them.

The Nokia 6080 phone provides XHTML browser. EDGE and HSCSD are technologies responsible for expediting internet access and data transfer. The phone commands elaborate music functionality. It has an in-built FM Stereo accompanied by an AMR Audio Nokia Headset. The phone is amenable to a gamut of ring tone types. These include MP3 tones/songs, True Tones, MIDI and polyphonic tunes.

Housing Games for entertainment, Organizer for office, and other features, the Nokia 6080 phone balances the austerity of its aspect with the richness of its features.

Contract Mobile Phones

Nokia 3120: Get Initiated

Planning a mobile for the first time isn't easy. Many factors need to be considered. A phone must offer serviceable features. It should be operable. But foremost, it must have a visual appeal. The Nokia 3120 phone is designed to mark your initiation in to the world of mobile phone users. The handset is a candy bar available in a choice of two attractive colours. The Lime Tree Green handset has a feminine appeal and Iron Blue masculine and flamboyant. Both colours exude a freshness characteristic of youth.

The Nokia 3120 phone can spin an adolescent affair at school or college. Imagine that the girl you fancy needs to make a call. Her phone is out of battery, so you help her by offering your tri-band phone. The light weight handset fits well into her palm and she forgets that she is using your phone. She moves about the campus talking uninterrupted. When reality dawns she apologizes and praises the phone ... and you.

You take her number and send text and instant messages in the night. She responds, and therewith begins a friendship. You share your pictures using the Multimedia Messaging Service. You can connect your Nokia 3120 to a PC using a USB cable and transfer data to it. This would galvanize her interest further. Flaunt your knowledge of languages by switching to any of the language options you reckon. The phone gives you a choice of four languages -- Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. You can set the language you understand and impress the young lady.

Now you make the final move by lending her the handset to play games. On ending the game she would discover her picture on the screen. Take this opportunity to tell her your feelings. Seeing her picture on your Nokia 3120, she certainly won't refuse the proposal.

So get a Nokia 3120 and find the one you love.

Nokia 6230i: Simply amazing!

In the digital mobile world, there are lots more competitions among leading companies. Everyone is trying to defeat the other one. In such a whooping competitive world, Nokia as a leading mobile manufacturer has proved itself as one of the best companies in the global market. A popular brand that is known for its design and feature rich handsets.

In the innovative series, Nokia has launched an array of mobile devices and has got immense popularity in the telecommunication world. Nokia has also updated many devices and the Nokia 6230i is one of them. This device is an updated version of the most popular Nokia 6230. Though both these handsets resemble i many aspects, but the Nokia 6230i adds more.

The sleek and compact mobile device is packed with an array of features such as a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, video recorder, messaging services and support of expandable memory card – hold the slim phone in your hand, capture the moment (both still as well as motion pictures), share with friends and family via MMS and with 512MB of external memory support – save and download more.

For those music fans, the Nokia 6230i offers superb sound quality – integrated with stereo music player, it supports several music formats such as MP3 and AAC – enabling users to download songs with ease. Transfer your preferred songs from a CD library or download songs through mobile internet. Moreover, you can also enjoy all time hit music from your favourite FM radio station. And with Push to talk feature, get connected with your loved ones in a single click.

Connect and share data with devices such as PCs and laptops via USB, infra red or Bluetooth wireless technology. What's more, enjoy mobile internet, check emails or surf the net for latest news and information.

A simple yet powerful device, the Nokia 6230i has everything to bring a smile on your face.

Nokia 6288 - Making life better...

Nokia 6288 is a firmware upgrade of Nokia 6280. Both the devices look the same, except that there had been some minor changes in Nokia 6288. The main difference of Nokia 6288 is that it includes a larger capacity battery and an included 512MB miniSD memory card. Nokia 6288 has a good voice quality and reception, and the device works fine as far the phone functions are concerned. Further, it has a display that is delightful to be used. Nonetheless, like its predecessor, Nokia 6288 flaws when it comes to its slider mechanism. The slider does not sit quite well, and jiggles from side to side, when opened.

As far the design is concerned, Nokia 6288 is distinguished by a gloss black finish. This makes the phone look sophisticated and a class above its predecessor. The dimensions of the phone is small, but sure not small enough to make it the smallest phone in the market. But considering the fact that it is a 3G phone, Nokia 6288 poses quite an impressive impression with its dimensions of 100mm x 46mm x 21mm.

The Nokia 6288 has a vivid, bright and clear display, governing much of the front space. It has 262 thousand colour display. As already mentioned before, the display is great to use, specially when viewing photos or browsing the phone's Series 40 user interface. Beneath the display are the controls - two selection buttons, answer and End Call keys and a five-way navigational pad. These buttons are extremely user friendly and reliable. Also impressive was the menu system offering both functionality and an attractive design. Its easy to navigate through the Menu, using a standard 3 x 3 grid with animated icons.

Nokia 6288 comes with a 2Mepapixels camera, along with flash and editing options. Further, there are also image options with greyscale, sepia and negative effects. There is also a second VGA camera for video calling. Other features include PTT (Push To Talk), an MP3 player with AAC support, 3G network, and a host of lifestyle and multimedia functionalities. Nokia 6288 is rated to have 4.5 hours of talk time and 280 hours of standby time.

Nokia 6300: A touch of class.

The Nokia 6300 is seemingly the first attempt of Nokia to produce a slim phone. Why not be? The whole world today is obsessed with slim phones popularized by Motorola. The global manufacturing leader have made a robust entry to this category with the Nokia 6300 that measures just 11.7mm in thickness. A handset that has rightly being called 'Simply beautiful - beautifully simple' by its makers.

The Nokia 6300 epitomize Nokia's tradition of making simple phone designs. Of late, this aspect of mobile designing was replaced by Nokia's strive for 'stylish' handsets that are hard to use and multi-functional smart phones that are too bulky. The Nokia 6300 marks the return of to its roots of simple design and comfortable usage. An aspect which lead to one of the biggest loyal customer base in the mobile phone industry.

The Nokia 6300 looks highly sophisticated with its stainless steel body. The handset looks very expensive but it is not. More than half of the simple candy bar is occupied with a TFT display that produces an astounding 16 million colours across 240x320 pixels. Images produced by the display are sharp and true to life. Other half of the handset has the ergonomically satisfying keypad and a five way navigation key.

This triband handset changes bands automatically so that you get seamless connectivity across the whole world. The Nokia 6300 supports mobile internet with its built in GPRS and EDGE technology. An integrated WAP 2.0/xHTML browser makes mobile internet a pleasure. Bluetooth v2.0 and USB connectivity keeps you in sync with all your devices. Transfer of information with external device is quick and easy with the Nokia 6300. For those who appreciate music on the move, the Nokia has a built in music player, a FM radio and supports external memory cards.

Nokia 6103: clamshell designed handset

In the mid range fold-style phones, Nokia has again introduced the Nokia 6103. Its an updated version of the most popular Nokia 6101. The new Nokia 6103 comes with an updated modern look and adds more features such as Bluetooth wireless technology and more. In addition, the phone also offers an array of options to increase the phone performance and for more convenience to the mobile user.

The clamshell designed handset looks very attractive and stylish. Flip open the phone and reveal the bright internal screen at 65,536 colours and at 128x160 pixels. The phone comes with a user-friendly keypad as the buttons are soft and separated. Push the button and explore multitude of features that are concealed in this slim and compact phone.

The Nokia 6103 along with Bluetooth wireless technology, also offers a VGA camera with dedicated camera keys, Nokia Xpress audio messaging and dual colour screens supported with animated wallpapers and screensavers – freeze the moment and share with friends and family, send audio clips or customize your phone with some unique wallpapers. Synchronise your contact and information and with voice dialling and handsfree speakerphone – the Nokia 6103 brings more comfort to the mobile lifestyle. Moreover, with FM radio, MIDI and MP3 ringtones, users can enjoy all time hit music from their favourite FM radio station.

In addition, the phone comes equipped with latest technologies such as WAP, GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE and more – enjoy high speed mobile internet, synchronise emails or browse the web for latest news and information. The Nokia 6103 also offers connectivity features such as Bluetooth, infra-red and USB – connect your phone with any compatible devices and share data with or without using a wire.

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our daily lifestyle. With more options available in the mobile market, it becomes very difficult to choose the right one. In the mid range fold-style phones, the Nokia 6103 could be the right choice as it offers everything and looks very stylish.

The Nokia 2610: Excellent entry level phone

The Nokia 2610 is a basic non camera phone in the Nokia's entry portfolio. The phone looks very strong and has a compact design. Enriched with premium features, the Nokia 2610 is most suitable for professional consumers. Being an entry level phone, it incorporates email features and mobile internet via WAP browser. Moreover, the phone also supports MMS and Xpress Audio messaging – allows users to record and edit messages on the move. And with a rubberised finish – the Nokia 2610 gives a tough look.

Available in three different colours, which include silver, black, and dusty pink – the phone looks stunning. Weighing only 92g, the compact design has a dimension of only 104 x 43 x 18 mm. The Nokia 2610 has a colour display with a mirror finish that comes with features including MP3 ringtones, voice recorder, and an integrated hands-free speaker. With an Organizer – users can view calender and an application for managing basic finances. And with 3MB of memory, users can enter up to 300 entries in the phone book.

The dual band phone comes with Flash connector, and WAP – enjoy mobile internet – send and receive emails on the move. Users can also select a particular ringtone to customize their phone. Keep in touch with friends and family by sending texts, and images. What's more, with embedded and downloadable games, you can refresh your mind whenever and wherever you go.

Like other Nokia phones, the Nokia 2610 is also very user-friendly as it offers large fonts, dedicated short cut keys and an array of features. The phone provides talk time of up to 3 hours and has a standby time backup of up to 12 days. For consumers looking for voice centric phones – the Nokia 2610 could be the best choice in all respects.

Nokia N73: Shoot images with greater verity.

Nokia N-series mobile phones are multi-utility devices. Targeted towards people who love images and would like to have powerful imaging features in their handset, Nokia N73 also has a wider range of features to meet your everyday needs. Whether it is for office or for entertainment, Nokia N73 doesn't disappoint you on many accounts.

A prolific member of hugely popular Nokia N series family, the Nokia N73 clicks quality snaps with accurate colours and precise focus. The mobile phone features a 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics in addition to other imaging features. The handset allows users to have more control with a range of options to get images with desired colur effects and brightness. A large vibrant display makes viewing images which you have shot a real delight. The handset supports many sharing functions which allows you to do more with your images.

The N73 also boasts of a quality music player and stereo FM radio. The music player of the mobile phone supports both MP3 and WMA file format, and there's a bundled set of earphones to optimize the music capabilities.

Good news for business professionals. The Nokia N73 can be a handy device for you, with its office ytility functions like Office formats, document viewer, scheduling features and Exchange ActiveSync. A set of quality connectivity options including Bluetooth technology is just what you need when you are travelling away from your place.

The Nokia N73 boasts of a well spaced out keypad and a large screen which shows 170 characters at a time which is a deligh for people who love sending texts. You also have archiving facility to save unlimited number of messages and e-mail client which is as good as in any other handset.

Nokia N95: GPS enabled multimedia computer

Mobile world has witnessed a dramatic change in the technology. New age mobile phones are totally different from the older one that were primarily meant for communication. Latest mobile phones have introduced many new features and the so called mobile phone is not only a communication device rather it has lots more to offer. Its a demand for the mobile users all around the world. The inclusion of multimedia applications and productivity tools have definitely given a new meaning to the telecommunication world.

Most of the leading mobile manufacturers are introducing new age mobile phones that are feature packed with latest technologies. Nokia has also introduced a set of mobile phones that are equipped with high-end features and cutting-edge design. The Nokia N series phones are well known for their unparalleled multimedia applications. Nokia has once again added a new gem in its Nokia N series portfolio, the Nokia N95.

The Nokia N95 is a multimedia computer. The phone comes equipped with an integrated GPS functionality, a 5.0 mega-pixel digital camera and high speed 3G connectivity – enabling users to capture images and video records, mobile internet and emailing on the move. The slider design of the phone allows users to switch between different modes – from reading maps to watching videos with a simple slide of the phone.

The phone with an integrated GPS allows you to explore the world, locate routes or services such as hotels and restaurants. The GPS database includes 15 million points that navigate you when you go to any exotic place. The integrated Carl Zeiss optics with 5.0 mega-pixel camera offers high quality pictures and DVD-like video clips. Enjoy watching videos on a compatible TV. And with UPnP technology – the phone works as a remote control for compatible audio and TVs.

Built on Symbian 60 platform, the Nokia N95 comes with HSDPA, WLAN, EDGE and WCDMA – enabling users in accessing broadband speed mobile internet and fast data connectivity. Explore the world with the Nokia N95.