Be classy with the New Nokia 3500 Classic

Nokia phones are famous for their compact design, slick finishing and high-end features. The Classic family of Nokia includes some of the very popular mobile phones including the Nokia 6120 Classic and others. The Nokia 3500 Classic also belongs to this series and has already become a star member of the renowned family.

The gadget comes equipped with media player which supports file formats such asAAC, eAAC , MP4, and other popular formats and FM radio. Hence, you can go on listening to your favourite music whenever you wish to. The 3500 also incorporates a 2 mega pixel digital camera which comes with an 8x digital zoom to let you capture the best shot every time you use it.

With an in-built video recording feature, the gadget provides you with a chance to record the memorable events of your life. The play-back is also of superior quality on the 1.8” TFT screen which comes with high resolution & support for 262,000 colours. This 3G phone comes with Bluetooth in it so you can connect it to any device which is Bluetooth compatible. With the miniUSB , you can enjoy wired connectivity as well. The 3500 provides you with tri band support, hence you can roam across GSM 900/1800/1900 depending upon your network service provider.

Nokia 3500 Classic is light weight (only 81 grams) and comes in the size of 107 mm x 45 mm x 13.1 mm. Therefore, you can carry it with ease. Internet access, faster downloads, animated wallpapers, video recording and much more is offered by this Classic handset from Nokia. The handset is available in pink, blue, mandarin, and grey colours. Choose the colour that matches your personality!