Nokia 6151: A mobile phone for mass, of mass

The world is divided into have and have-nots. And with the passage of time this gap has been widening, and it is widening exponentially. Once mobile which had been considered to be a thing of the high and mighty, thanks to cut-throat competition amongst the manufacturers and network providers, and government policies it is now available and is segmented for each and every sections of the society. But there still lies the big ugly fissure between the have and have nots.

In this attempt to bring down the digital gap, Finnish mobile giant Nokia launched first of its kind in its array of products – launching the 3G enabled 6151 model in the most affordable price. The Nokia 6151 model is a sleek and stylish mobile phone. Commenting on its role in the world of telephony, Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Phones, Nokia said, “With more than 100 operators offering 3G services in the world today, consumers around the globe are now realizing the many benefits that 3G offers, ranging from faster browsing, streaming and email to music downloads and multiplayer games”.

With the 3G enabled Nokia 6151, users would benefit streaming multimedia audio and video content, or downloading of their favourite music or video - at traditional GSM prices. Moreover, it comes with a comprehensive range of features, from the modern day essentials 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity and music player to micro SD memory card support.

Weighing 98 grams and measuring 108 x 47 x 19 mm in dimension, the Nokia 6151 has a talk time of up to 4.5 hours on GSM networks (up to 3.5 hours of talk time via WCDMA) and a standby time of up to 10 days. This new 3G enabled handset is available to the users in black, pearl white, orange, light blue and lime green colour variants. The Nokia 6151 operates in WCDMA 2100 and GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900 networks, which enables users to call and receive from most part of the world; in addition, users can enjoy fast and efficient data transfer.

Nokia 6085 scores impressively

Nokia 6085 scores impressively

Further expanding its portfolio of flip phones, Nokia launches its new Nokia 6085. The handset features easy to use features and enduring design, to offer a straight forward familiar phone. The Nokia 6085 is a quad band GSM phone, with good in-call quality. The conversation is crisp and clear, and even in noisy areas its volume remains loud enough. To further optimise the call experience, the device comes with voice dialling, a voice recorder, speed dialling and a 1000-entry phonebook.
Despite coming under mid range handset, the Nokia 6085 offers some serious multimedia fun. The most noted among this is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Which implies the handset can stream stereo audio to a compatible set of Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

For musical extravaganza, the handset comes with a powerful music player, offering five preset equalisers, as well as two five-band manual equalisers. Plus, there are also options for basic repeat and random play. The musical experience is further accentuated with a fresh interface – having animated background. The music player supports MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA file formats, while it also has a video player that will support 3GPP, H.263 and MPEG-4 files.

The Nokia 6085 runs the Symbian Series 40 user interface. Thus it comes with excellent speed for browsing and easy to grasp list format. There is also an active standby screen that provides easy access to key information and applications.

In terms of connectivity, the Nokia 6085 scores impressively. It comes with the advantage of Bluetooth and USB. Other useful features of this device are integrated VGA camera with 4x digital zoom that doubles as a video recorder, push-to-talk, JAVA, email access, messaging services and a host of PIM (Personal Information Management) features like calendar, to-do list, converter, world clock, an expense manager etc.

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Yet another tribute to the awe-inspiring Nature, the Nokia 8600 (alias Luna), is designed to unfold a mysterious saga of the Moon Goddess- Luna. Like the so-called captivating prowess of the Goddess of moonlight, the Nokia 8600 too comes wrapped with unique make and design, to be encircled in a soft radiant beauty. At the same time, the device comes in an expensive package, to ensure that its reserved exclusively for the elite class. Well of course, celestial beauty does not come easy!

The Nokia 8600 deviates from the usual and further builds upon the tradition of experimenting with unique materials. The handset is a melange of stainless steel, titanium and glass. The keypad is hid beneath a smoked glass surface, and only when the phone is activated, the keys become visible. This also becomes the most interesting facet of Nokia 8600. For this area is called the 'heartbeat' of the gadget.

When the device awaits a call, there is always something exciting happening there at the spot. Thus, the 'heartbeat' transforms the inanimate Nokia 8600 into a virtually alive form. Besides, it also adds to the mysterious allure of the handset. The colour scheme matched well the that of the night sky and makes the flashing of beautiful Menu icons, as interesting as possible.

But Nokia 8600 is not only about celestial charm. The handset is essentially a mobile phone, and thus is endowed with the right balance of aesthetics and ergonomics. For the first time, Nokia use a single micro-USB port. This not only allows for a streamlined design free of extraneous indentations, but also allows for a streamlined design free of extraneous indentation. Quad band GSM support allows for seamless connectivity, while photos captured in its 2 MP camera becomes an eye candy, when viewed through its bright, large display.

With such charm and impressive features, the Nokia 8600 is all geared up to rock the world of fashion mobile phones.

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Nokia 6630: 3G technology takes mobile communications to the new height

Nokia 6630 with its high-end 3G technology takes mobile communications to the new height. With swift data connectivity and high speed mobile Internet – the device keeps you in touch with the world, always. Built on Symbian series 60 platform, this Smartphone allows you to download new software applications – add more power to your device.

This powerful mobile device is most suitable for those who want quality work in no time. For those mobile users, the Nokia 6630 is a perfect choice. Working professionals and corporate users can take benefits of this mobile device by using features like emails, mobile Internet and organizers. Video conferencing is one of the most important features that can be used for your business. Thanks to the technology that has given a new meaning to the mobile world.

With the Nokia 6630, you can also manage your personal information using automatic alert for emails and MMS. Share pictures, music and videos with friends and family and always keep in touch with the people and the world.

Moreover, the Nokia 6630 also offers multitude of entertainment features – browse nokia phone features and enjoy on the move. With an integrated MP3 player, you can play your favourite sound tracks. Download online music tracks using mobile Internet or transfer songs from a PC via USB cable. The Nokia 6630 provides superb sound quality – play music and groove on the go. What's more, the handset boasts a 1.23 mega-pixel digital camera with up to 6x digital zoom – take picture and share those memorable moments with friends via MMS and email.
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