Nokia N93i : ensures perfect quality photos

The Nokia N93i mobile phone is a video and imaging focused smartphone that provides the user with the ultimate camera and video features. The handset coming out in a choice in of silver grey and burgundy red colors succeeds in giving a sophisticated look to the handset. The mobile phone coming with an internal memory of 50 Mbytes also provides a chance to the user to expand the memory by adding a MicroSD™ memory card. The handset measuring 108 x 58 x 25 mm and weighing 163 grams is easy to hold in hand and carry in pocket.

The Nokia N93i mobile phone comes with a built in camera with a 3 x optical zoom and a 20 x digital zoom. The Carl Zeiss lens of the camera assures the users of clear and precise pictures with excellent quality. With this user friendly camera feature the user is able to capture, store and share photographic experiences on the N93i handset. The user with the help of the handset can share the footage among the friends bringing an element of fun into it.

The Nokia N93i comes with easy messaging facilities including a mobile email service, text messaging, multimedia picture and video messaging that makes the sharing of photos and video footage easy. The handset comes with a perfect built in music player and FM radio feature that assures perfect musical entertainment for the user. The built in music player supports all popular music formats including MP3 that allows the user to listen to the latest songs in the mobile phone.

The smartphone comes with the latest in high speed and high performance technology that includes 3G, WLAN, WCDMA and Bluetooth®. The handsfree call facility helps the user in making or receiving a call without holding the mobile phone in hand.

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Nokia N81: bringing an element of fun

The Nokia N81 model mobile phone comes in a choice of two colours which are graphite grey and cobalt blue. Having 8 Gbytes of internal flash memory, this model handset allows the user to store required data on the new handset. The N81 handset is solid and robust in design which weighs 140 grams and measures 17.9mm x 50mm x102mm. The Nokia N81 handset complete with WLAN technology comes with a simple slide opening casing complete with easy access music, video and function keys. The handset has a screen of 2.4 inches with a high screen resolution that could display up to sixteen million colours for a quality viewing experience.

The Nokia N81 mobile phone has a 2 megapixel digital camera complete with flash option and a 20 x digital zoom that assures the users of the perfect photographic experience. With the support of the flash technology present in the handset it becomes easy for the customer to capture the pictures of colorful moments of his life. The handset with a fully charged battery will provide either upto 4 hours GSM talk time, 3 hours WCDMA talk time, 408 hours standby time, 3.5 hours QVGA video recording time, 4.5 hours QVGA video playback time, 11.5 hours music playback time or up to 6 hours of gaming time. The Nokia N81 mobile phone comes alive with a built - in music player that provides a pleasant music experience on the handset. The high quality music player is capable of supporting all popular music formats assuring excellent musical entertainment. The mobile phone coming with a 5 band equalizer helps the user in gaining the best sound quality for the music played.

The Nokia N81 model handset supports WLAN technology. The Bluetooth® connection makes it possible to enjoy wireless connection between the mobile phone and compatible devices. The handset has a variety of messaging services including text messages and multimedia messages that ensures easy transfer of photos or video bringing an element of fun into it.

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Nokia 6288 White - An all-purpose mobile phone.

Mobile phones have changed our lives for the better. We are now connected with our near and dear ones even when we are on the move - 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Catching up on friends and contacts has become quite easy - what with the latest mobile phones coming with some of the most innovative messaging options. Technological innovation has been such that many of the latest handsets are now being used for capturing images and recording video clips as well. One is free to choose a latest mobile handset and give a full reign to inherent creativity.

Nokia 6288 White is one such mobile handset model that enjoys wide-spread popularity among people from diverse regions of the globe. The handset comes in a black casing. The contemporary look is made more attractive through a high gloss finish. The small profile and the light weight ensure that users find it quite easy to carry the handset from one place to another. The QVGA screen is visible even when the phone is closed. A 226,000 colour screen with a high resolution makes the experience of using this Nokia mobile a highly enjoyable one.

An in-built 2 mega-pixel digital camera is perfect for capturing the magical moments from daily life. The camera options are easy to use. The presence of specialized features such as integrated flash and digital zoom ensures that users are not disappointed with the quality of the captured images. A music player is another key attraction. One can use the Nokia 6288 white to listen to music - particularly in instances when one is feeling down and out.

A hands-free speakerphone, SMS and MMS messaging and email access are some of the other important features. Users can make the most of these options and remain connected with their near and dear ones. Bluetooth, USB and EDGE are the important connectivity options that come with this mobile phone. The capability of the handset to make fast and easy data transfer makes it quite invaluable - especially for professional use.

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