Nokia 6301 – Sleek in design Versatile in features

Nokia mobile phones are known for their ultra-sleek designs as well as their innovative capabilities. As a matter of fact, brand Nokia has come to be identified with the latest and the best models of mobile phones that do not disappoint users with their feature list as well. Nokia 6301 is one such mobile phone like sleek in design and versatile in features from the Nokia kitty that is making life a whole lot user for a wide spectrum of mobile phone users the world over.

The design of the Nokia 6301 is as innovative as its high-end features. It comes in a stainless steel frame and sports a hand-hugging design that makes the handset highly user-friendly. A 2-inch QVGA screen enhances the pleasure one gets in using the handset to a significant extent. Its so light in weight of weight 93g. Its amazing color Display TFT with 16M colors does not reflect your eyes attraction.

The choices one gets with the Nokia 6301 are quite extensive. An owner of the 6301 could use the handset for voice dialing, for issuing voice commands as well as for voice recording. One could use the handset to listen to music of one's choice. An integrated MP3 player combined with FM radio options would enable a user to do just that. In addition, an in-built hands-free speaker would make the mobile music experience all the more invigorating.

The multimedia options of the Nokia 6301 are not limited to music alone. The handset comes with a built-in 2 mega-pixel digital camera. The 8x digital zoom and full screen viewfinder makes the camera options all the more valuable to a common user of mobile phones. With a talk time of up to 3.5 hours and a stand-by time of up to 14 days, this phone is as good as it can get. The 30 MB of internal user memory can be expanded through micro-SD card support.

Nokia 7900 Prism would more than live up to heightened expectations

Nokia 7900 Prism is part of the Prism collection from Nokia. The handsets in this category are specially designed for style-conscious mobile users who value sleek looks of the latest mobile phones as much as they prefer the inherent innovative capabilities. Cutting-edge colors, engrossing graphics – the design of the Prism is an amalgamation of all these and more.

The sleek front of the Nokia 7900 Prism blends just right with its anodized aluminum back cover. An organic LED main display with 16 million colors contributes significantly to the positive first impression. 7900 Prism comes with sophisticated imaging options and high-end multimedia capabilities.

A special feature that needs mentioning in this context is the living wallpaper that is a part of this Prism phone. The wallpaper screen changes several times during the day depending on battery and signal strength, which makes the handset one of its kinds.

An owner of the Nokia Prism can further personalize the handset using illumination colors that would radiate from the LED display as well as the keypad. Missed calls and messages are also communicated to the users through light emissions from the top of the handset.

This third generation (3G) mobile phone from Nokia can be used for accessing the Internet as well as for fast and easy content downloads. Worldwide connectivity is guaranteed through the incorporation of GSM technology. A 2 mega-pixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom, 1GB of built-in memory space, and quad-band connectivity are some of the other key features of the Nokia 7900 Prism.

So, if you want a sleek and sophisticated handset from Nokia, the world leader in mobility, you could do well to choose the Prism. With its 'million dollar looks' and a range of user-friendly features, the Nokia 7900 Prism would more than live up to your heightened expectations from Nokia.

Samuel Herrick writes about Nokia mobiles and hp compaq laptops.

Nokia 6301: Always a Good Choice

The latest Nokia 6301 mobile phone handset comes with a sleek stainless steel design that offers consumers seamless voice and data mobility across GSM cellular and WLAN networks via Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology. The Nokia 6301 mobile phone handset uses UMA technology to integrate the benefits of landline and a mobile phone that may also include seamless indoor coverage, sound quality and affordability.

The convergence of mobile and fixed/land-line technologies have made things more beneficial for the users who are looking for products that can help make the lives easier. Nokia 6301 handset with the utilization of UMA technology, worldwide triband GSM coverage combined with superior indoor WLAN coverage succeeded in making things more sophisticated.

It is possible for the user to use UMA technology, GSM network or a broadband Internet-connected WLAN network for the mobile services that guarantees excellent indoor coverage both at office and in home. The user can also have one multi-mode handset that is capable of working everywhere with enhanced and easy-to-use voice services. And, WLAN/UMA supports in providing excellent coverage and sound quality, even in areas where mobile phone reception has previously been poor.

The Nokia 6301 mobile phone with UMA technology, allows the users in delivering voice and data services over WLAN that will increase the mobile service availability while decreasing the costs related to network deployment. The Nokia 6301 mobile handset is a stylish new addition to the Unik range of converged fixed and mobile phones With its sleek candy bar design and attractive stainless steel exterior the nokia phone succeeds in grabbing the attraction of the mobile users.

Weighing 93 grams and measuring less than 13.1mm thin, the Nokia 6301 model mobile phone is convenient for the user to hold in hand and slip into the pocket. It also offers consumers a modern suite of features that includes a 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and full screen viewfinder that guarantees the user of perfect quality pictures.