Nokia 6030: diligently designed for busy professionals

Although, Nokia's new highly efficient mobile handsets have become hugely popular, but its entry level phones never lost their popularity. Actually, there are some mid-range phones, which never lost their demand because of their dedicated and easy to use functionalities. The Nokia 6030 is one such gadget, which has been diligently designed for busy professionals, who do take a good care of their work. Hence, this phone comes with a big keypad, which allows you to manoeuvre easily through all the desired functions. On the other hand, it comes with a sturdy surface, which allows you to hold this phone in your hand for a very long time. Currently, the Nokia 6030 is available in three enticing colours. So, you can choose your desired one to make a big difference in your mobile life.

The Nokia 6030 supports the reliable dual-band GSM networks, hence it provides you an unparalleled connectivity. On the other hand, its network automatically switches to other network, when you travel through different places. The Nokia 6030 comes in a candy bar design. Moreover, its display can support more than 65,536 colours to let you enjoy a very good viewing experience. To make it an easy to use device, the phone comes with a four-way scroll key, which provides a swift access to all the desired features.

The Nokia 6030 is a powerful messaging device. Hence, you can easily send, receive, edit or format all the text messages by sending SMS or MMS as per your preferences. By sending multimedia messages, you can also send images and music. Its predictive-text feature allows you to type messages, as easily as possible. On the other hand, you can also use its highly popular feature Plug and Play to enjoy all sorts of music and videos. Besides, this feature also allows you to expand its applications to hoard all your desired stuff. Furthermore, this phone also comes with a Java MIDP 2.0 platform, which enables you download various sorts of Java games and applications. Surely, it would be a great assistance to have a Nokia 6030 – truly, a competent performer. Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia 7373 Clearance: Go gorgeous..

Whether it’s about music phone, multimedia phones or business phones – Nokia has always been on the forefront to offer the best to mobile phone users. Now, when the designer phones have become the buzz words of the latest mobile market, Nokia has once again geared up to live up to the ever-increasing expectations of the mobile phone users. Hence, Nokia has come up with its L'Amour collection, which has been specifically designed for the fashion conscious users. This dynamic L'Amour collection has been diligently designed by blending the best of ethnic culture and traditional handicrafts – too good to leave you awestruck! The Nokia 7373 also belongs to this category of highly stylish handsets, which have really set the stage on fire with such finest creations.

By offering the L'Amour collection, Nokia has once again proved its foresightedness in the highly competitive world of mobile phones. Well, this series is not about enticing designing only, as it really serves your other purposes by offering the best in functionalities and mobile technology. As the Nokia 7373 is inspired from the nature, it surely comes with mesmerizing exterior and profile. Furthermore, the blend of ethnic culture has made it an impeccable piece of mobile art.

Currently, the Nokia 7373 comes in three attractive colours with bronze black, powder pink and black chrome. Moreover, it is a swivel designed phone, which sets it apart from ordinary clamshell phones. There is a dedicated key on the front cover of the phone, which provides you swift access to all the major functions.

The Nokia 7373 does take a very good care of your entertainment quotient. Hence, it is endowed with a 2.0 mega pixels camera, which is further supported by 8x digital zoom to let you enjoy the best of photography. You can also listen to all your favourite music on its inbuilt music player or by tuning into its FM radio. Furthermore, it also comes with an extra memory slot, which allows you to increase its memory up to 2GB. To get the best deal of this phone, you can go for the Nokia 7373 clearance phone, which does come with a reasonable price. To find your desired Nokia 7373 clearance deal, you can do a comprehensive online research.

Nokia 7373, Nokia 7373 Clearance

Nokia 3250 – A solid phone and impressive handset

If you thought mobile phones are all about slim and skinny appearances, you will be proved wrong once you see the Nokia 3250. The device is an impressive handset that comes in a slightly bulky feel and a unique twist up to 270 degrees. As the device twists, the mobile changes functions from one application to another. The Nokia 3250 is available in four different colours; black, green, pink, and silver.

The twist design of the cell is made possible by having the phone split into two parts; the display half and the keypad half. With the twist the phone can change into phone mode (with the dial pad in front), camera mode (the keypad portion in a 90-degree angle), and music mode (with external music controls in front).

The screen of Nokia 3250 is really neat and impressive. It allows you to change the brightness and backlight timer of the display. Below the buttons is the menu button, two soft keys, a Clear key, a five-way navigation joystick, the Talk and End keys, and an Edit key. On top of the phone is the power button, while its charging/connector port is located on its right spine. The phone comes with a micro sd card.

Nokia 3250 is a gift for social butterflies. Each contact in the Nokia 3250's address book holds up to 17 numbers, three e-mail addresses, three URLs, three street addresses, a birth date, and a note and can be assigned to a group, or one of 41 polyphonic ring tones. Other features that make the gadget useful are messaging services, a wireless Web browser, file manager, Bluetooth, speaker phone, 2 Mp camera, music player and many lifestyle features. The Nokia 3250 also has something called LifeBlog feature that lets you upload pictures on your phone directly to the Web.

Nokia 3250 runs on Symbian 6.0 OS. Buy Nokia 3250 SIM Free Online at Mobile Jazz.

Nokia 7373: Stylish and intelligent

When it comes to mobile phones, Nokia has always given its best to the mobile world. Whether its basic phones, business phones or designer phones – Nokia always lives up to everyone's expectations. As a fashion statement, Nokia's L'Amour collection is well known to everyone. The L'Amour collection from Nokia offer devices that are inspired by the ethic culture and traditional handicrafts. These devices were appreciated in the global market and are still rocking among people who admire beauty and perfection.

The launch of the L'Amour collection has again proved that Nokia is the world leader. Whether its technology or the phones design, Nokia is always the best choice. Inspired by the beauty of nature and a strong touch of the traditional handicrafts, these devices have truly mesmerized the mobile world. In the L'Amour portfolio, Nokia has introduced a new device, the Nokia 7373 – an upgraded version of the most popular Nokia 7370. Its design has also been inspired by the ethnic culture.

The Nokia 7373 is available in three different attractive colours, which include bronze black, powder pink and black chrome. It’s a swivel designed phone and is slightly different from the clamshell. On the front cover, there is no button and it’s the main disadvantage of this phone as you cannot browse any features without opening the flap. Swivels open the phone and browse unlimited phone features that are hidden inside.

The Nokia 7373 comes with a wide range of phone features such as a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom; an integrated music player with FM radio and more. Take quality picture, play your favourite sound tracks or tune in to your favourite FM radio station – the device offers ultimate entertainment features and keeps you busy all the time.

As compared to its predecessors, the Nokia 7373 is more advanced in terms of memory space – the device comes with an expandable memory card of up to 2GB – allowing more space for music tracks, videos and other documents. Transfer files with other compatible devices via Bluetooth, USB and high speed mobile internet. Style up your mobile lifestyle with the Nokia 7373.

Nokia 7373 or Nokia 7373 SIM Free.

Nokia 6110 Navigator: Roam without constraints

The Nokia 6110 Navigator is the new sensational gadget from Nokia Phones. This navigation-enabled mobile handset is specifically designed to make various things easier for you. This handset works on dual technology with GPS (Global Positioning System) and AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). Moreover, it comes with local maps, which are pre-installed on its memory card. Thus, it works as a consummate navigator, which can guide you through a busy city.

There are various other important things, which come with the Nokia 6110 with additional maps and content to provide weather and traffic information. You can also buy traffic guides on the Internet to add more into its information directory. Besides, you also get the desired information about various interests things like hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Besides being a dynamic Navigator, the Nokia 6110 also offers a lot in multimedia features. On the other hand, it is also a 3G phone, hence it enables you to enjoy video calling – where you can see the face of the person to whom you are talking to. You can also enjoy photography with its 2 mega pixels camera, which is further assisted by an inbuilt flash, a dedicated capture key and panorama mode. You can enjoy video clips with full screen view to watch all the desired content. All the crisp images can be seen on its 2.2 inch QVGA screen, which can support more then 16 million colours.

The Nokia 6110 Navigator supports the HSDPA technology, which enhances the Internet browsing as well as downloading speed. As such it is loaded with a 40 MB of inbuilt memory, but you can easily increase it up to 2GB with a microSD memory card. Like various other popular phones, the Nokia 6110 also works on tri-band network, which ensures unparalleled connectivity across the five continents. So, roam around freely with a perfect navigator or the Nokia 6110.