Nokia E61i – Striking a perfect balance between business and fun

Most of us are very busy and there is seldom any time to get the things done that we always wanted. More often than not, it becomes rather difficult to keep pace with developments in both personal as well as professional fronts without hampering one in favor of another. The importance of high-end mobile phones with powerful features can be understood in this context. As a matter of fact, handsets such as the Nokia E61i enable users to strike a fine balance between business pursuits on one hand and fun on the other.

The Nokia E61i is a high-end mobile phone that comes within a slick and sophisticated exterior. Great looks of the handset blend in almost perfectly with a multitude of equally fascinating features. Features such as email access, calender, and contacts are very much required for ensuring “on-the-move” connectivity at several levels. As a matter of fact, the E61i mobile phone is equipped with a WLAN wizard that an user can use to attach with the latest hot-spots. Moreover, it is possible to make the most of the imaging capabilities of this unique mobile phone to capture some very impressive images and video clips. The handset comes with an integrated 2 mega pixel digital camera that can be used specially for this purpose.

There is also an in-built media player that an owner of the handset can use to enjoy scintillating music on the move. With capabilities for video streaming, video playback and audio streaming, the E61i mobile phone promises a world of fun to its users. Moreover, the handset comes with a number of connectivity options such as 3G, HSCSD, WLAN, USB, Bluetooth and infrared – a fact that make it all the more valuable to its users.

The best part about the Nokia E61i is its ease of use. With special keys for emailing, a QWERTY keyboard, and a large & colorful display, the handset has got all that it takes to optimize the user experience.

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